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5 Ways Maa Foundation by Bilakhia Group Promotes Holistic Well-Being Among Students

Education is an integral part of the development of society, and it holds power to change the social and economic front of a vast country like India. Throughout the last few years, our education system has transformed drastically. However, the lack of technology and the correct infrastructure still hinder the spread of knowledge into India's rural and remote areas. Bilakhia Group established the Maa Foundation to facilitate productive educational reform for the betterment of society. The foundation works tirelessly at a grassroots level to develop academic and skill-based programs that other NGOs, corporations, and HNIs can easily replicate for the development of our country. Maa Foundation aims at creating projects which promote the holistic development and well-being of not just students but also teachers and parents, who are a crucial part of the education system. Here are five projects through which Maa Foundation is bringing about a change in our education system and promoting the holistic progress of students:

Disha: The project aims to give students the direction to select their career paths wisely. Disha uses online/offline psychometric tests and guides students with career talks to help them make informed decisions about their future, especially the career they want to pursue.

Prabodhan: The project's name translates to 'getting awakened' as it aims to make stepping into adulthood easier through motivational talk that decodes success, goal setting, and vision enhancement. Prabodhan is based on the idea of blending academic talent and other valuable skills and discovering their implementation into real-world problems.

Lakshya: Maa Foundation's Lakshya project aims to fill the gap between education and employment by providing undergraduate students with 21st-century work skills, internships for industry exposure, and reinforcing foundational domain knowledge. The project tackles a highly prominent issue that affects the Indian education system by making students job-ready.

Vikas: The Vikas project is designed to incorporate activity-based learning for life skills for four to six days of camp. Vikas aims to make students realize the importance of being goal-oriented while instilling vision enhancement skills and moral values.

Unnati: The Unnati project is designed to help unemployed, and dropout students get jobs in the formal sector. The foundation through Unnati provides students with 21st-century employability skill training and relevant industry exposure.

Knowledge is growth, and the Maa Foundation instills this belief through various activities and projects. The programs developed by the NGO take into account multiple factors, including how easily they can be replicated and scaled on a more significant level for the development and reformation of India's education system.

Source : Businesswire

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