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"Al-Islah" - An azaan app created by final year IT students of Maharashtra college.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In an effort to resolve the loudspeaker dispute peacefully, Maharashtra faculty IT final year students created 'Al Islah,' the Azaan app. With a variety of options, the app focuses on live streaming azaan, or call to prayer, which is made five times every day. It is set to be completed by the end of May, 'Al Islah,' which means bringing change, can also act as a basis for mosques to create announcements, explaining any questions or doubts that people may have. When it is launched, the app will most likely be used by Juma Masjid in Crawford market.

Shoaib Khatib, trustee and chairman of the Juma Masjid of Bombay said, "The app is at its final stage, and we want to launch it by the end of this month." We'll begin with our mosque, and all other mosques that are willing to accept our software may use it." In terms of the app's functions, Maharashtra faculty incubation center head Saima Shaikh said, "A important component is that the mosque will be able to send out announcements to people via the app, which can assist in understanding various topics or queries that people may have." In the first version, only the mosque will be able to create announcements, but in the second version, everyone may send in their queries,

she stated.

"We can also perform customization in compliance with the relevant of other mosques, but the primary aim of Azaan live streaming will remain the same." Other approaches include identifying the locations of nearby mosques and namaaz timings," she added .The technology, which helps to support secularism in the digital world, will be available not just to the mosques but also to other religions. "Such applications will not be restricted to a single community or church; if needs of various members want an app with such live streaming and announcements services, it will be available to them as well." In any case, the knowledge that anyone may access," Shaikh explained.

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