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Announcing our partnership with Woloo to Provide Clean & Hygienic Washrooms to Women

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Ask a woman if she is comfortable using a public toilet and you are sure to get a vehement, “No.” Despite the fact that our population includes approximately 48.1% women, there are no clean, safe, and hygienic toilets available for them in public places. Because our police officers are out all day serving the nation to keep it secure, they do not have access to such clean and sanitary restrooms during their working hours near their assigned location. We've teamed with Woloo, a loo-discovery platform app that helps women find and utilize the nearest washrooms around Mumbai when they're away from home or work, to provide them with access to these clean and hygienic restrooms. All of these restrooms have been recognized for Safety, Hygiene, and Accessibility by the Toilet Board Coalition (a global non-profit organization working under the auspices of the World Bank to enhance sanitation standards in more than 40 countries).

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are anticipated to have a substantial impact on many firms' missions around the world. Contributing to the SDGs is a way for all stakeholders to create shared benefits, and businesses will be a key driver in bringing all stakeholders together around a common goal. Companies with purpose-driven "impact business models" can create environmental and social value through restorative operating procedures, products, and services that help people contribute to the SDGs, inclusive employment practices, and other positive activities.

Woloo's mobile app will assist women in identifying and locating alternative cleanest restrooms in their areas, such as those found in restaurants, cafés, and shopping malls. Toilets are only added to the app after they've been screened. To begin, only highly-rated restaurants and cafes are evaluated. Once discovered, Woloo rates the loo's hygiene standards using proprietary technology and smart devices created in collaboration with the Toilet Board Coalition, a global non-profit organization. Safety, accessibility, hygiene and cleanliness, general condition and setting, and hospitality are among the factors considered while certifying a restroom. Every fortnight, Woloo's hygiene management officers visit each site to ensure that safety and hygiene standards are met. After that, certified loos are geo-tagged and added to the Woloo smartphone app.

How does it work?

  1. The monthly membership to access the app is INR 99/- per user/mo; however, as part of our combined social initiative with Woloo and our Incubatee NGO, we are offering “Freedom 365 Annual Membership” for only INR 365/-

  2. You can buy subscriptions for your employees and their families, and we'll donate the equal subscriptions to the Mumbai Police Women's Force as well.

  3. You have the option of donating it to the Mumbai Police Women's Force as well on behalf of your organization

  4. Tax Exemptions under 80G applicable (Can be planned under CSR activity)

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