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Delhi-based Bioheaven360 Genotec Pvt Ltd secures 1 crore in funding from DFAN to Accelerate Growth

Bioheaven360 Genotec Pvt Ltd, a biotechnology company focused on developing next-generation diagnostics and immuno-theranostics through genomics, recombinant DNA technology, and AI, has secured INR 1 crore in funding from DFAN, a global community-backed angel network. Bioheaven360 will use this funding to expand its facility and infrastructure for the production of medical devices, as well as continue the development of its innovative state-of-the-art products.

Bioheaven360's long-term vision is to discover new cost-effective molecules for treating dreadful diseases and using AI-based data insights to enhance medical practices, predict risks early, and help people live longer healthier lives. Bioheaven360 desires to become one of the biggest biotech companies in the world. In 2023, it plans to add more products in the microbiology and molecular domain and expand its reach across India and release for testing the immuno-molecules.

Shailendra Vyas, PhD, Director of Bioheaven, said, "We are thrilled to receive this funding from DFAN, which will allow us to accelerate our growth and bring our innovative medical technologies to market and enable us to take significant steps towards achieving our long-term vision and short-term goals. We believe that our inno