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GarageWa - Guwahati Startup Company Offering Doorstep Repair Services

GarageWa is a new-generation online automotive repair platform that provides an alternative to traditional car repair shops through a mobile mechanic service. It is aiming at solving the problem of high-cost and inconvenient car maintenance by providing an online platform where people can order doorstep service or roadside assistance from professional mechanics. It is a tech-based solution. The company has seen tremendous demand since its launch.

"Car owners are in a tough position these days when it comes to servicing their cars. They have to deal with a lot of time-consuming issues like finding the right place, waiting for their turn, and then paying a hefty amount for the service. A lot of them have no idea about the pricing and end up paying more than they should. This is where GarageWa comes in to help people solve their problems. This platform has the potential to provide quick, on-demand, and affordable service to car owners," said Altaf Hussain the founder of GarageWa.

Also, the startup is developing a mobile application that will soon be available to consumers.

"The app is going to be fully AI-based and it will solve all the inconveniences ever experienced by a car owner," added the 34-year-old.

Source : EIN Newswire

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