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GoingZero is ready with its Plastic Free And Vegan Alternative in the midst of the Plastic Ban.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

GoingZero was founded on the principles of its creator, environmentalist Naman Sharma. GoingZero, his baby concept of a sustainable, vegan, plastic-free marketplace, has developed into an ethical brand, with over a hundred sellers listing and 2000+ conscious items. It just won a seed grant and incubation from India's largest startup ecosystem, iStart, which is funded by the Rajasthan government.

According to Naman, the founder of GoingZero, he was constantly astounded by the magnitude of useless and thoughtless expenditures ranging from food to lifestyle. The majority of these things ended up in landfills or poisoned the waters. The genuine craftspeople were paid very little, while the huge corporations made all of the money. There was a severe imbalance in both financial distribution and the environment. What struck him the most was that all of this might be avoided with a bit more careful economics, ethical transactions, and a focus on necessity rather than luxury.

"Animals are not factories, nor are they test subjects," Naman remarked.

As a result, he assembled a group of like-minded individuals whose purpose was to improve the environment in whatever manner they could.

All duties, including vendor outreach, onboarding, product listing, and so on, are completed painstakingly to ensure that the brand's principles are upheld with every product published on the website.

Each product is personally evaluated by team members on a daily basis. Thus, comprehensive personal level testing prepares the way for ranking the greatest eco-conscious merchants' items.

For optimal productivity, the firm strives to mainstream and promote ethical e-commerce, as well as create a joyful and flexible work culture for its workforce.

Each vendor featured on GoingZero must follow their stringent product listing requirements, which are as follows: the items must be plastic-free, sustainable, vegan, and have not undergone any type of animal testing, i.e., they must be cruelty-free.

GoingZero has grown its client base over the previous two years as India's first 100 percent plastic-free vegan store, and the adventure, as Naman puts it, has only just begun. In the future, the business intends to create retail and refilling outlets where clients can easily replace their spent items in their sustainable containers. The firm is also investigating Web 3.0 to develop the next-generation e-commerce platform for the next generation.

About GoingZero

GoingZero, based in Jaipur, is India's largest zero waste store, promising over 2000 plastic-free, vegan, and conscious items. Going Zero was founded to offer a conscientious, eco-friendly option to those seeking a sustainable existence. GoingZero is expanding its reach from PAN India to Global, with a mission of fair trading with nature, making sustainable products accessible, and encouraging handcrafted, cruelty-free items that do less environmental impact.

More information about the company is available at their website:

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