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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

About the Grant :-

Giving Joy is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status that supports and promotes women's entrepreneurship all over the world. Its founder Joy Kolin has 20 years of experience working in the area of international development, during which time she has visited more than 60 nations. Joy was moved by a recurring theme during her travels: women have a tremendous capacity for positive change if given the tools and opportunities to do so. She founded Giving Joy in 2018 with the goal of maximizing the impact and power of women-led businesses around the globe.

Last Date of Application :-

30 June 2022

Purpose :-

Giving Joy supports women in starting or growing their enterprises and initiatives for both their own profit and the benefit of their communities through its mentorship programmer and microgrants. Giving Joy will email each applicant to let them know whether or not their application was accepted. Grants are given out in instalments upon meeting certain requirements and range in value from $250 to $500. Based on the suggested activities and the financing options, Giving Joy will choose the award amount. Giving Joy will arrange a meeting with each grant recipient to go over the grant agreement, deliverables, and guidelines as well as to go over the terms and conditions of the grants. Grant grantees have a year to carry out their proposed project after the grant agreement is signed.

Interventions :-

Now, women from any nation, in any trade or industry, are eligible to apply for a one-time grant of $250 to $500 to help them launch or grow their businesses. Giving Joy has so far given 45 grants to projects run by women in Afghanistan, Cameroon, Kenya, India, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, as well as California, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin in the United States.