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Green Energy Biofuel, Blythewood High School Revive Student Interest in Biodiesel Education

Two Citadel alumni from South Carolina—Bio Joe Renwick, co-founder of Green Energy Biofuel, and Will Epps, a Blythewood High School teacher—are reviving enthusiasm over biodiesel among today’s youth, helping shape the next generation of renewable fuel experts.

The Bengal Biodiesel Lab at Blythewood High School in South Carolina opened its doors March 18—National Biodiesel Day—for the world to see. Just the second of its kind in the country, the program is preparing high-scholars for university-level research, internships and careers in renewable fuels, organic chemistry and beyond.

The journey for Epps began a few years ago when he found biodiesel-production equipment at the school. “I learned Bio Joe had donated it previously,” Epps says. “They had a course in place years ago but nothing like we have now. We retooled the system and designed the course and lab to make biodiesel and perform all the analytical tests—all the basics for an entry STEM-level career that would be useful for the students.”