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India Animal Fund Launches India’s First Donation Platform for Effective Giving for Animal Welfare

India Animal Fund today launched India's first donation platform for effective ways of giving for animal welfare.

The collective of corporate leaders and individuals put together by Parag Agarwal (Co-founder & Board member IAF, CFO, Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Founder - TapIndia, Ahimsa Trust & Ahimsa VC), Sandeep Sibal (Co-founder & Board Member IAF, Board Member Give India, Co-founder Ahimsa VC, Co-founder & CEO Fourth Frontier), Jayasimha Nuggehalli (Co-founder & Board member IAF; COO, Global Food Partners, Ex Country Head, HSI) with Anand Siva (CEO & Board member IAF, Director NittyGritti AI Solutions), plan to mainstream animal welfare and reduce animal suffering in all its forms.

Their vision is to create a world free of animal harm & exploitation, which prioritises ending the suffering of all sentient beings independent of species. It is based on the belief that all life is worthy of dignity, and that animal welfare needs to be brought front and centre.

Their plan is to reach out to potential donors and have them fund a variety of projects that NGOs are either interested in pursuing, already pursuing, or will pursue based on whitespaces that India Animal Fund will identify. This will enable the scale up & optimally channelise funds available for animal welfare which are currently woefully inadequate.

On the launch of India Animal Fund, Anand Siva, CEO and Co-Founder, IAF said, "IAF as a platform will provide a space where all relevant resources for animal welfare can be collated and a robust ecosystem of donors and NGOs for animal welfare can be created which will help scale up funds available for animal welfare. In the year 2019-2020, the value of the CSR budget corpus generated by India Inc. was ₹21,231 Crores, of which less than 0.5% was directed towards animal welfare. If this would increase to 1% which is still a drop in the bucket, major changes could be seen in the development of welfare activities and projects to help animals. India Animal Fund is urging corporates, foundations and individuals to increase their contribution to animal welfare, which will bring about a big change to the lives of animals once these funds are routed to committed cause-aligned NGOs.”

In their first round of fund collection in October, India Animal Fund raised INR 1.74 crores from organisations like Dr. Reddy’s Labs & Micro Labs - both of whom have made firm commitments to partner on animal welfare projects; while business leaders like CK Venkatraman (MD Titan Industries), have made significant personal contributions.

This noble cause has been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is supported by celebrities and individuals like Paul McCartney, Madhuri Dixit, Dia Mirza, Alicia Silverstone, Justice (Retd) KS Radhakrishnan, Shikhar Dhawan, Dotsie Bausch, Patrik Baboumian & Kuntal Joisher.

“India Animal Fund will work towards raising awareness and sensitising humanity on the various forms of harm that we inflict on animals which we have become indifferent towards. Along with directing funds to animal welfare and strengthening the NGO network, we will also work closely with them to implement various projects ranging from capacity building, policy reforms, law enforcement, rescue and relief of animals. We will also explore finding alternative solutions for animal that are exploited for food, materials, transportation, entertainment, and experimentation. Let's create a kinder world together,” commented Parag Agarwal, Co-Founder and Board member, India Animal Fund.

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