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Investorey, India's First Real Estate Investment Aggregator Platform, Raises USD 1 Mn Seed Round

Investorey, India’s first real estate investment aggregator platform, founded by Manisheel Gautam and Shikhar Daydar, raised $ 1 Mn seed funding in a mix of Equity and Debt. The equity was raised from a group of the country's leading angel investors and debt funding was led by Panthera Peak Capital. Founded in 2021, Investorey enables individuals to access investments in real estate, even with minimal capital. This innovative concept, a first of its kind in India, aims to democratise the process of real estate investments and remove the barrier of high capital requirements that have traditionally hindered many from investing in real estate. Individuals here can start investing with a capital as low as INR 5,000 across multiple asset backed investment opportunities. Manisheel Gautam, Co-founder and CEO says, “Investorey offers a diverse range of investment options for first time as well as seasoned investors. Our offerings include investments in commercial and residential real estate, farmland, and renewable energy assets. The funding will be used to beef up the technology, increasing access to real estate investments with more partnerships, creating technology for simpler transactions, and implementing systems for comprehensive market analysis and risk assessment.” Shikhar Daydar, Co-Founder and CPO, added, “We aim to empower our investors with a holistic view of their portfolio, including traditional investments, in order to enable data-driven and quantitatively-informed decisions. From a technology point of view, apart from creating the investor platform, we have identified multiple challenges in the complete value chain which we intend to solve for strong technology foundations for new age investment tech in real estate.” This seed funding round saw participation by angel investors and industry stalwarts like Sumit Gupta - Co-founder CoinDCX, Deepak Ahlawat - Founder Gameskraft, along with Sahil Kejriwal (GSE Renewables), Nikhil Bhandarkar- Founder, Panthera Peak Capital), Ahana Gautam (Founder Open Secret) and Harshit Sharma - Co Founder, 56 Secure, among others. As an aggregator of alternative investments in land-based assets, Investorey has over 25 partner platforms which let people invest in a variety of assets ranging from Commercial Real Estate to fractional ownership of farmlands and renewables assets.

About Investorey Investorey, India’s first real estate investment aggregator platform was founded in 2021 by Manisheel Gautam and Shikhar Daydar, graduates of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad Headquartered in Bangalore, Investorey aims to make real estate investing in India more accessible and convenient for individual investors. A wide range of investment options are available through the platform, including commercial and residential real estate, farmland, and renewable energy. The platform aggregates investments across these diverse asset classes, allowing investors access to a large variety of opportunities. Additionally, investors can gain access to verified data, financial analysis, and market trends through the platform. Investorey has received $ 1 Mn in seed funding from prominent angel investors, providing the company with the resources it needs to continue building out its platform and expanding its reach. With Investorey, individuals can begin investing in real estate with as little as INR 5,000, making real estate investing more accessible to a wider audience.

Source: BusinessWire India

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