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Maisha, a homegrown startup, set to revolutionize the retail industry with the perfect blend.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Maisha is a homegrown startup, set to revolutionize the Indian retail industry with the perfect blend between ecofriendly handbags and coveted bohemian designs.

At Maisha's forefront is a father-daughter-husband trio, Nayan Shah, Esha Shah and Neel Vora, who ensure the skillful combination of sustainable and bohemian aesthetics wrapped in Maisha packaging.

The company is created with a vision to become the market leader in the cotton fabric-based handbag industry in India.

Maisha derives its name from a Swahili colloquialism which translates to 'life'. This aligns with what the brand has to offer in terms of joy and a lifestyle that is reflective of bohemianism.

Esha Shah was pursuing a lucrative career in Chartered Accountancy when she decided to give in to her inner calling of creative pursuit. Her fascination with the rich textile heritage the country homed inspired her to tread the path less traveled and test waters with a startup, Maisha. However, a startup is only as successful as its supporters.

Nayan Shah instilled belief in his daughter's venture and invested in the startup while providing Maisha with wings for growth. Along with the support from her husband, Neel Vora's packaging business, Maisha was now ready to take flight.

The brand's humble beginnings can be traced to a pop-up exhibition in Ahmedabad in 2018, where the customers took an instant liking to the vibrant, yet eclectic mix of handcrafted products like tastefully designed tote bags, crescent bags to choose from and the home collection that looks like a bohemian dream come to life. The products were sold out in a day, this was the first time the potential of the brand was realized.

Maisha soon shifted to Instagram and showcased their products on their social media application. This helped the brand garner loyal followers who fell in love with the woven jacquard fabrics that have become a staple - ranging from handbags such as the Three Pocket Jacquard bags that are a preferred choice amongst customers and can be effortlessly paired with a summer dress. The Box bags are a top trending category and received 500 orders within the span of an hour; this is a testament to the authentic engagement of the Maisha community with the brand. The Maisha followers wait with bated breath for the launch of a new product. Travel aficionados have also found their community within Maisha with a variety of light weight options to choose from which makes it ideal for travelling such as Duffel bags, Fanny packs and Everyday tote bags.

Another campaign that the brand executed on the 30th of June 2022 which sets a milestone for all small business owners, a dream come true when in 200 seconds the brand received over 1100 orders on their own website with more than 20,000 eyeballs on their platform.

Maisha grew threefold with the recognition from Instagram - there was no looking back now. Armed with an community of devoted Instagram followers of more than 200k, Maisha developed a website of its own, which became its primary vehicle for sales.

Helmed by the father-daughter-husband trio who led the company to a massive growth trajectory by becoming a favored choice amongst bohemian lovers. The website garners over 3 lakh monthly visitors and more than 30% return customers every month. This is the context in which the brand recently launched its international website to cater to their customers' demands overseas.

The community of Maisha followers are the raison d'être of the brand. This is a brand that transcends products and sales and caters to their customers aspirational value - it goes the extra mile to ensure a holistic experience for their customers by interacting with them and embracing change. Maisha takes their customers behind the scenes and walks them through the hurdles and joys of building a startup. Esha Shah's entrepreneurship skills are an inspiration to women and startups across the globe. With the launch of the 'Small business campaign' Maisha supports local brands by enhancing their reach through Maisha's weekly shoutouts.

Maisha is a way of life, that instills hope and paves the way for homegrown ventures across the country.

Maisha Lifestyle is now just a tap away.

Website link: International Website: Instagram Profile: @maishabyesha Facebook: @maishabyesha YouTube: maishabyesha Pinterest: maishalifestyle

About Maisha

Maisha is a homegrown startup, set to revolutionize the Indian fashion and retail industry with their bohemian designs The company was created with a humble vision to become the market leader in the cotton fabric-based handbag industry in India.

SOURCE Maisha Lifestyle Products Pvt. Ltd/PRnewswire

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