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Matter, an Electric Mobility Startup, and EARTHDAY.ORG Pay Tribute to Mother Earth at Kala Ghoda

Matter, an electric mobility startup, and EARTHDAY.ORG pay tribute to Mother Earth at Kala Ghoda Art Festival with an "earthMATTERS" art installation. Matter, with its vision of driving India to a sustainable future, collaborated with EARTHDAY.ORG to raise awareness about the negative effects of human activity on the environment and encourage people to adopt sustainable mobility and lead low-carbon sustainable lifestyles.

"earthMATTERs" is the title of the artwork. The art installation displays Earth, where oceans are filled with plastic bags and continents are filled with vehicle exhausts. The Matter EV motorbike placed on the earth emphasises EVs' ability to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources. It is camouflaged with IC circuitry, representing the inception of the latest technologies for mobility. Plastic bags in the installation depict how water bodies are polluted with plastic waste and require concerted efforts by everyone to #EndPlasticPollution.

The mounted spinner represents the wheel of seasons, depicting the equilibrium that exists between the seasons—something that is in a constant state of disruption due to human activities. The centre of the spinner represents the rising heat and the ever-growing imbalance.

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of Matter, said, "Through the ‘earthMATTERs’ installation, we wanted to give out this powerful visual message from Matter; it is a reminder that the disruptions of nature caused by human activities can be negated by the new technology. The 'earthMATTERs' installation at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai is a thought-provoking attempt to create awareness about climate change and global warming and how technology can be used to counterbalance its effects. With the help of EARTHDAY.ORG, we will be able to reach an increasing number of people and inspire them to take action."

Karuna Singh, Regional Director Asia, EARTHDAY.ORG, shared that "the worldwide theme for Earth Day 2023 is 'Invest In Our Planet.' This partnership for Earth calls upon all more and more businesses, governments, and citizens – to help accelerate solutions to combat climate change. We commend Matter for their effort to invest in our planet."

Matter and EARTHDAY.ORG intend to amplify the efforts to the cause in near future with various activities towards sustainable practices awareness generation and volunteering for drives to collect and manage plastic waste as a part of EARTHDAY.ORG's global campaign Great Global Clean-up.

You MATTER, earth MATTERs, every small action MATTERs

About Matter

Matter is a technology start-up guided by its vision to be the most dynamic company driving India to a sustainable future. Since its inception in January 2019 in Ahmedabad, Matter has invested extensively in technology development with the “Innovate in India” approach to develop futuristic electric vehicle platforms and energy storage systems. Matter recently launched its first geared electric motorbike for the Indian market, in 2022. All the components for Matter’s products have been designed by its team in-house and manufactured in India. Matter’s range of mobility products will redefine user experience by incorporating best-in-class technologies and innovation.

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