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Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia urges youth to realize the need for a sustainable infrastructure in 2022

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia has been working relentlessly since his early days to bring out the best ways to make a greener and sustainable planet. He is one of the most compassionate businessmen trying to improve the world by adopting green methods. Mr. Chaurasia envisions improving people's quality of life by making the earth greener and environmentally friendly products.

His vision does not stop at the industrial level, but he is trying to explain how sustainable homes should be made affordable and available to the common people in 2022. If we do not start building homes with a greener point of view, then soon we will lose our planet altogether.

Mr. Chaurasia points out that a fast developing country like India needs massive investments in face-lifting projects and infrastructure expansion. A robust infrastructure is necessary to lead a substantial commitment and growth driven by investment. Mr. Chaurasia observed that most of India's buildings and housing facilities are grey- involving bricks, cement and concrete.

Now when the government is taking up green initiatives to make sustainable architecture and infrastructure, which is crucial for the future. He urges more use and education about the Green Hydrogen Policy, which will be one of the biggest first steps toward the non-dependent on fossil fuels and encourage the use of a clean and renewable fuel economy.

Green Infrastructure expresses the need for building projects to not only be done with but be planned extensively, constructed with the most sustainable materials, and operated and decommissioned to ensure a total economic and green environmental sustainability, including climate resilience. It encourages people to use alternative green energy, improves cost-effectively in the long run, and gives us a cleaner and greener environment.

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia says that 2022 has been seeing a lot of changes at the industrial level and a new turn of things towards a greener environment. The Budget 2022 was the first to include green infrastructure. The urban developments are now made, keeping the maximum clean energy usage. One of the most important things to do is attain carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

To do this, urbanization has been divided into three green initiatives- transport, energy and agriculture. The government has been doing full swing work on recruiting planners, economists and institutes who are capable of advising on how to make affordable changes in our infrastructure and lifestyle that will make it greener and not harm the planet anymore.

These are known as 'sunrise sectors' and include several green bonds.

India is targeting a COP26 and reaching a net zero by 2070, and these green bonds will provide the same push for this. The other ambitious plan is to attain 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by the end of this year. Mr. Chaurasia is a big supporter of this movement and educating people on the need for sustainable infrastructure in 2022.

Source:- PR Newswire

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