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NEAR Foundation and Airchains Join Forces with SankalpTaru Foundation

SankalpTaru Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and biodiversity conservation, announced today that it is partnering with NEAR Foundation, the non-profit that supports the on-going growth and development of the NEAR Protocol, a high-performance, low cost and super scalable carbon-neutral blockchain, and Airchains to transform the tree plantation ecosystem with blockchain technology. By using NEAR Protocol along with Airchains' cutting-edge web3 middleware SaaS solution, SankalpTaru Foundation is making tree plantations more transparent, traceable, and accountable.

Preserving the environment has emerged as one of the key goals globally as climate change, adverse environmental conditions, pollution, greenhouse emissions, and more are impacting planet earth every day. Around 10 million hectares of forest is cut down every year to provide land for housing and urban development. Governments worldwide are making conscientious efforts to promote environment conservation, eco-friendly measures, reduce carbon footprint, and employ carbon offsetting initiatives such as tree plantation, reforestation, renewable energy usage, recycling, etc.