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Noble Sparrows Helps Serve over 4000 Families Navigate Through Grief Due to Loss of a Loved One

Social Entrepreneurship is playing an active role in helping the society by developing solutions that directly address social issues. Noble Sparrows has taken a lead in addressing one of the most painful experiences in life - the loss of a loved one. In an emergency situation like the death of a loved one, things happen very quickly, and you do not get time to think and react. In most cities. Cremation grounds & hearse services are typically run by small, stand-alone operators who are not professionally trained to deliver empathy and respect when it matters the most. Right from dealing with ambulances ready to fleece the user, to the uncaring staff at cremation grounds is a nightmare.

  • A devastated family who has lost a loved one is denied professional care.

  • There is no published pricing for cremation or ambulance - the pricing structure varies depending on the customers' face value.

  • There is no investment made in facilities to ensure that the grieving families can at least be comfortable. Basic hygiene like water, washrooms, and adherence to COVID protocols are denied.

  • Many cities like Gurugram, do not even have an electric crematorium.

Noble Sparrows is a professional organization promoted by Social Entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the services sector with leading brands. Over the last 18 months, the organization has delivered professional expertise and empathy into this sector - bringing a positive impact on the society. Noble Sparrows has a team of trained, professional and caring staff backed by a well equipped fleet of ambulances and hearse vans. They manage all aspects of the emergency seamlessly, ease the burden and let one grieve in peace. Jatin Bhargav, Co-Founder, Noble Sparrows, said, “This venture is personal for me. During an hour of need during Covid, I faced many issues which Noble Sparrows as an organization seeks to address. Dealing with ambulances ready to fleece, and uncaring staff was a nightmare. With complete disregard for my loss, they treated the situation as a commodity for the highest bidder, and made a mockery of my emotions. With Noble Sparrows we promise to deliver professional services which eases this painful experience for the families we serve ” Ujjwal Sarin, Co-Founder Noble Sparrows added “We cannot reduce the pain of losing your loved ones, but we can take care of you and give you respectful farewells. Our mission is to help people during such an emergency, where empathy and care are most needed.” Funeral Management is an established Social Service Sector in many countries including the USA and EU. Till 2020, death was indeed a taboo subject in India, which led to limited public infrastructure development. Not only did COVID-19 expose the frailty of the public cremation infrastructure, but it also brought the topic of loss/death as a real conversation in living rooms. As a society today people are aware of the need to plan their last rites & more nuclear families in India are opting for a hassle-free service to navigate through this period of grief. Noble Sparrows Organization manages all aspects of the cremation, right from preparation of the dead body for respectful visitation by family, to organizing and performing the last rites as per religion and customs. Other services include Hearse Vans, Embalming Services, Air Ambulances & Transportation across the world, Prayer Meetings and Memorial Services. The organization is enlisted with leading hospitals & embassies across the world The Organization has expanded rapidly with services all over major cities in India like Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh & Lucknow The Organization is actively collaborating with government agencies and is in the process of creating world-class cremation infrastructure through public-private partnerships. Jatin Bhargav added, “we stay true to our motto - and take care of every aspect of cremation so that our families can stay with their thoughts and grieve in peace.” About Noble Sparrows Organization Noble Sparrows & Noble Sparrows Foundation are headquartered in Gurugram- Haryana. The organization serves people in more than 10 cities across India. The organization is privately funded and is now seeking grants to expand its social impact.

Source : Businesswire

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