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Our NGO incubatee, Nasiha Education & Welfare Trust operating Limra English School in Nallasopora

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Nasiha Education & Welfare Trust (NEWT), a registered educational and social development organization, began working with the people of Nallasopara, Thane district, in 2003, initiating community-based development programs with a special focus on education and children. NEWT's wide range of activities includes health, literacy, and socioeconomic initiatives.

NEWT provides disadvantaged and deprived children with quality education as well as the opportunity to develop natural abilities and creative skills. The program's goal is to ensure that children are enrolled in mainstream school by using a fun learning style in a child-friendly atmosphere.

In order to facilitate exchanging of ideas and learning from one another, an effective relationship will now be developed with education professionals and educational institutions involved in comparable activities.

The program is built on the educational philosophy that vulnerable and deprived children in rural areas can complete their academic studies if given equal opportunity and persistent support. NEWT believes that every child has the right to an education, and it demonstrates this belief by enrolling all children in the project area, ensuring retention, and supporting mainstreamed children as they progress through school.

The Limra School was founded with the goal of assisting these underprivileged children by giving them basic education and training in order for them to be able to support themselves as adults. A total of 35 children were enrolled, with one tutor providing basic education at the school. With the help of rigorous counseling and persuading, more families gradually learnt and recognized the value of educating their children, and the number of students began to increase. The school currently has 500 students enrolled and 20 tutors who are dedicated to not only providing quality education but also mentoring the children on other soft skills such as good social behavior, good communication practices, and other topics that will help them fit better into today's society.

Currently, we have around 250 kids who are below the poverty line and their parents are daily wage workers, helpers, tailors, painters, and other low-income work profile who cannot afford their child's education which is forcing them to discontinue their education and will further force their kids as well to destroy their future. We are trying our best to retain these students so that they can continue their education and fulfill their dream to have a bright future.

The fees per student per year is INR 12,000/-, we have reduced the same for these underprivileged families to INR 6000/- per year. We want to provide free education to these students and hence want to appeal to our well-wishers and the society to donate and contribute as much as possible so that we can provide free education to these children and they are not forced to discontinue their education.

On the other hand, we also want to provide basic android enabled phones or tab for them to access online education.

The pandemic has created a lot of havoc in society and these underprivileged are facing a lot of crises, we can stand together and support them in these difficult times.

You can choose to donate funds for a month, quarter, half-year, or full-year fee. You can also choose to fund a smartphone for these students.

Support through this link:- or Click Here

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