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PureSoftware creates a bridge to get "Back to Work®" for Female Professionals on Career Break.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

PureSoftware has been fostering a culture of support, equal opportunity, and growth through multiple programs. One of the important ones is the 'Back to Work' program, launched in 2021, encouraging women to re-engage with their professional lives.

As per the recent study by TFI Research - "Many women in India drop out of the corporate workforce to raise children, care for elderly family members, and for other reasons. But only less than 58% of the Indian women rejoin work full-time after taking a career break."

Through the Back to Work program, PureSoftware provides opportunities and supports women to re-integrate themselves and resume their corporate careers after a break. It includes structured on-boarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options, and on-the-job learning to ensure a successful second inning at work for women.

Sameer Jain, Chief Business Officer, PureSoftware, says, "The paradigm is rapidly changing, and more women are wanting to return to work after a career break and commence career 2.0. At PureSoftware, women make up 30% of the workforce. The idea of equitable reskilling in the workforce is a fundamental part of our company's future success and prosperity."

While speaking about the Back to Work program, Sameer adds, "Back to Work program is a bridge to get back to work with a full-time employment for women. It is directed towards providing them access to the right leadership and mentors, on-job training to enhance their skills, and providing opportunities to absorb them back into the workforce. The program targets learning and upskilling through mentoring and well-designed learning paths. We now have multiple such women who are engaged with us and doing very well."

The program allows women to regain employability through additional training and offers them hands-on experience working on projects that align with their skill set. Women with experience in the tech industry can apply directly through PureSoftware's Back to Work page.

About PureSoftware

PureSoftware is a global software products and digital services company driving transformation for the world's top organizations across various industry verticals, including banking and financial services, telecom, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment.

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