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saasguru's A$4M Funding Fuels Innovative Cloud Approach, Driving Success From Skills to Triumph

saasguru a cloud skills and workforce development edtech platform, has made waves with its successful seed round funding, securing A$4 Million (about US $2.7 million) from Square Peg Capital, along with the returning investors Black Nova and Antler. With this impressive funding boost, the platform is poised to transform the industry and redefine the way people approach cloud computing.

saasguru's A$4M Funding Fuels Innovative Cloud Approach, Driving Success From Skills to Triumph

To address the growing skills gap in the cloud industry saasguru, an ed-tech company based in Sydney has taken a proactive approach, particularly in Salesforce with their explicit Job Guarantee Salesforce Training Bootcamp to empower individuals with the essential tools required to thrive in the workforce by enhancing their technical and soft skills.

Combining cutting-edge technology with personalized 1-on-1 mentoring, offers an unparalleled synchronous learning experience. The vision is to make a global impact by empowering millions of professionals to launch successful Salesforce careers with the Salesforce Online Bootcamp Programs and help companies build cloud talent rapidly and efficiently.

saasguru has already served over 50,000 learners from 56 different countries. In addition, saasguru's partnerships with over 20 cloud consulting companies have helped these organizations accelerate the cloud upskilling of their new hires, as well as the re-skilling and upskilling of their existing teams.

But saasguru is more than just a for-profit company. In an interview, CEO and Founder Amit Choudhary stated, "While we are for profit, we are also a for-impact company. We provide pro bono cloud skilling and certification for people from a situation of disadvantage to change their life with future-ready skills."

saasguru's impressive achievements have been made possible by their commitment to providing high-quality Salesforce training programs.

Shalini Dixit, Salesforce Developer at Tech Mahindra, was all in praise for the Bootcamp program, "The saasguru Salesforce Job Guarantee Bootcamp program helped me lay a strong foundation on Salesforce with real-world problems to solve as day-to-day tasks. It helped me gain hands-on experience and skills that were relevant to the job role I was aiming for."

Bhanu Jorige, Salesforce Developer at SFDC, emphasized how the Bootcamp training program has enhanced her knowledge, skills, and confidence, "I was able to land a job at Salesforce after a long career gap only with the constant support of the saasguru mentors."

With a focus on providing hands-on learning experiences, the Bootcamp equips participants with the skills and confidence to launch their dream careers in the Salesforce industry.

  1. Benefit from a personalized and comprehensive learning experience.

  2. Collaborate in real-time with saasguru's seasoned gurus.

  3. The best part - Become 3X Salesforce certified and job-ready with an astounding average salary hike of 112%.

  4. Get access to 30+ employer partners across the globe, making job placements a breeze.

The Job Guarantee Salesforce Training Bootcamp is a testament to saasguru's unwavering commitment to providing learners with a superior learning experience and equipping them with the necessary skills and connections to succeed in the Salesforce industry.

saasguru learning app for Android or iOS provides a convenient way to access saasguru learning resources from the comfort of your smartphone, allowing for a seamless exploration of its features. With its deep commitment to skills-based training and job guarantee programs, saasguru is poised for continued growth and success in the cloud computing landscape.

About the Company

saasguru is a Sydney-based workforce and skills-focused Edtech company. Its mission is to solve the cloud skills crisis by creating the bridge between learning and certifications. With a combination of deep tech and 1-1 mentoring, saasguru is building a vastly superior experience for its learners, with deep personalisation and synchronous interaction.

It is looking to make an impact on a global scale, helping millions of professionals make a confident start to their careers in cloud while helping companies create cloud talent at speed and scale. To learn more, visit

Source: PR Newswire

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