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Sealmatic Files DRHP with BSE SME: Umar AK Balwa, Managing Director, Sealmatic India Ltd

Strong performance of past SME IPOs has spurred investors' interest, with 87 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) garnering Rs 1,460 crore through initial share sales in the first nine months of the year 2022.

This was way higher than 56 companies that had raised Rs 783 crore through initial public offering (IPO) in the entire 2021, the industry data showed.

"SME segment is not impacted by the bearishness in the market and investors are looking forward to the healthy pipeline of IPOs going forward, many companies have filed or planning to file their documents for listing on the BSE SME and NSE Emerge platforms," says Umar AK Balwa, Managing Director at Sealmatic India Ltd. The company filed their DRHP on January 05th 2023 with the BSE SME platform. Some interesting facts: