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Session with The Chicago Chamber of Commerce

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

On 29th Feb, 2019, The Chicago Chamber of Commerce hosted an event on "The Importance and Principles of Entrepreneurship".

Our Founder and Managing Director Mr Aslam Khan was invited to deliver the session to the august gathering and share his insights and experiences around the same. He broadly discussed, The Purpose of Entrepreneurship and Why did we Become an Entrepreneur, by sharing his personal life experience he thrilled the audience by sharing his ups and down and the challenges that he faced during his entire journey.

He even shared Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs and how other successful entrepreneurs across the world achieved their dreams.

Entrepreneurship is not a destination, its a journey and not just a journey its a difficult journey. The person who is committed and focused with patience can only travel that path and achieve the desired results. It doesn't have a short cut each of us have to take the full long way with pitfalls in between which does not stops the journey but makes us think where we are going wrong and then motivates us to complete the journey. Thousands of people starts the journey but only few hundreds will be successful because they are committed, focused and have patience to achieve it.

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