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Simplify Healthcare wins Choice Awards in seven categories, including the Best Medium Size Company

Simplify Healthcare, one of the leading Digital Healthcare Platform providers for Payers, TPAs, and ASOs, has today announced that the W.E.-Matter Global Employees’ Choice Awards has recognized it as the Best Medium Size Company for its India operations.

Simplify Healthcare has also won awards in the following categories: Best Work From Home Company, Best Company for Gen Z, Diversity and Inclusion, Best CEO, Best CHRO, and Role Model Leaders.

“In the last few years, Simplify Healthcare has experienced unprecedented growth. Our nurturing culture ensures that every associate is given an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Receiving the W.E.-Matter awards is a tribute to them and their contribution to the success of this company.” — Mohammed Vaid, Founder, CEO, and Chief Solution Architect, Simplify Healthcare.

“This is a great achievement for Simplify Healthcare, and we are proud recipients of these awards, not just in one but multiple categories. We strive to provide the best environment for our associates and an inclusive and diverse culture to create synergetic learning experiences. Our associates are our greatest strength, and we truly appreciate the commitment they have shown.” — Kavita Tandon, VP, Global Head HR, Simplify Healthcare.

“Without the tremendous support of our talented teams, our organization would not have achieved this level of success. As a leader, one of the highest priorities for me is to uphold the values of the organization and provide my team with an environment where diverse ideas are welcomed and innovation is encouraged. Over the years, the organization's culture and values have helped me create a better version of myself and this recognition is a testimony to the amazing workplace we have created for our associates. ” — Sushrut Joshi, Chief Technology Officer, Simplify Healthcare.

Complete results of the W.E.-Matter Awards can be found at

About Simplify Healthcare

Simplify Healthcare is one of the leading Digital Healthcare Platform providers for Payers, TPAs, and ASOs. Simplify Healthcare’s Digital Payer Platform enables Payers to achieve End-to-End Digital Transformation of their Benefits, Provider, and Service journeys to improve stakeholder experience, membership growth and retention, and operational efficiencies.

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More about W.E.-Matter


W.E.-Matter (Well-Being and Engagement) is the world’s only 21st-century multigeneration employee engagement model. In addition to Gen X employees, the model successfully captures the critical drivers responsible for engagement, productivity, and performance of Gen Y and Gen Z employees. The award is based on a survey of 100% of the participating companies' employees. It is not a sample survey. The model evaluates five behaviors that determine an employee’s engagement or emotional connect with the organization. These are five questions focused on Promoter, Persistent, Perseverant, Passionate, and Peaceful behaviors. This leads to Engagement Score and Engagement Index.

About W.E.-Matter

The W.E.-Matter model was created by Prashant Srivastava, a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad, former CEO of Gallup India, and a former Partner (Engagement & Culture, APAC) of Aon Hewitt. He has worked on 2000+ surveys and 250+ clients. The learning from these experiences has resulted in the multigenerational model W.E.-Matter. W.E.-Matter aims to create the best human-centric technology and enhance it continuously. The objective is to make the lives of leaders, managers, HR professionals, employees, and their families less stressful and easy in many ways.

Source : Businesswire

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