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Tirex Wins Contract from IOCL to Supply EV Chargers at Retail Outlets

Gradually, the world is becoming more conscious of climate change and its severe effects. The scenario is already alarming, and it is high time to take proper measures. Fossil fuel is the factor that has the highest contribution to the emission of carbon into the air. That is the reason, the population throughout the world is inclining toward electric vehicles (EV), and India is not an exception.

The only obstacle buyers consider most is the scarcity of EV charging stations in India to charge their EVs. A proper EV charging infrastructure shall play the most vital role in this transition. Thanks, Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd., one of the pathfinders in the EV charging industry in India since 2017, plays a vital role in helping petroleum companies in their push to create EV charging infrastructure at petrol pumps. They have already installed more than two hundred EV charging stations across the country. Their proven expertise helped them become one of the most reputed OEMs for EV chargers in India.

The government of India has recognized addressing the issue of climate change as the need of the hour. As a result, like many other initiatives and projects of the Government of India to encourage people to switch to an electric vehicle, the project of deploying EV charging stations by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is among them. IOCL is a central public sector undertaking under the ownership of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. IOCL retains the top spot as India's highest-ranked energy PSU in Fortune 'Global 500' listing for 2022.

IOCL has called for vendors for supplying EV charging stations for several locations nationwide. And when it comes to reliable and best-in-class EV chargers in the Indian market, one cannot think of it without the pioneer in the EV charging industry in India; Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd.

Tirex has supplied EV chargers to esteemed organizations like NTPC, KSEBL, Power Grid, Ashok Leyland, Fortum, Olectra, Adani and many more. Their superior product quality and competitive price have ensured to bag the contract for more than a hundred EV chargers from HPCL. Following the same trend, Tirex has also won a contract from IOCL to supply EV chargers at retail outlets. The CEO of the company, Mr. Arth Patel, has confirmed that Tirex will reach 30 MW worth of charger supply PAN India by bagging this contract.

Tirex shall supply twenty-five (25) DC fast chargers of various capacities with connecter CCS2 for this IOCL project. That will allow charging more than one vehicle simultaneously by using shared power. That will help to avoid long queues in the EV charging stations. These chargers will be compatible with most new-age electric vehicles available in India.

Proper charging infrastructure is the key factor in deciding the future of EVs in India. Companies like Tirex and the initiatives by the Government of India keep up the hope for Indian buyers for a bright future of electric vehicles.

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