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Understanding Startup Funding in India: How to Secure the Capital You Need to Grow

India has been witnessing a startup boom for the past few years, with a large number of entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses. However, starting a new venture requires substantial capital investment, and most startups struggle to raise funds initially. In this blog, we will explore the various avenues available for startup funding in India and the key players in this space.

Types of Startup Funding


Bootstrapping refers to the practice of funding a business using personal savings, credit cards, or borrowing from friends and family. This is usually the first source of funding for most startups.

Angel Investors:

Angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest in startups at an early stage. They usually provide funds in exchange for equity in the company.

Venture Capitalists (VCs):

VCs are firms that provide funding to startups that have a high potential for growth. They usually invest in companies that are beyond the initial stages and have a proven business model.


Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in India. It involves raising funds from a large number of people through an online platform. This can be in the form of equity crowdfunding or reward-based crowdfunding.

Government Schemes:

The Indian government has launched several schemes to promote entrepreneurship and provide funding to startups. Some of the popular schemes include Startup India, Atal Innovation Mission, and Standup India.

Key Players in the Indian Startup Funding Ecosystem

Indian Angel Network:

Indian Angel Network (IAN) is one of the largest angel investor networks in India. It has network of hundreds of investors who provide funding to startups in various sectors.

Sequoia Capital:

Sequoia Capital is a global venture capital firm that has invested in several successful Indian startups, including Ola, Zomato, and Byju’s.

Accel Partners:

Accel Partners is another leading venture capital firm in India. It has invested in several successful startups such as Flipkart, Freshworks, and Swiggy.

Kalaari Capital:

Kalaari Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups in India. Some of its successful investments include Urban Ladder, Myntra, and Snapdeal.


Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is a government-owned financial institution that provides funding to small and medium-sized enterprises, including startups.

Examples of Successful Startup Funding in India


Byju’s is an edtech startup that has raised over $5.5 billion in funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital, Tencent, and Tiger Global. The company is now valued at over $22 billion.


Zomato is a food delivery and restaurant discovery platform that has raised over $2.6 billion in funding from investors such as Ant Group and Tiger Global. As of March 2023 Zomato has a market cap of $5.71 Billion.


Flipkart is an e-commerce platform that was acquired by Walmart for $16 billion. The company had raised over $12.9 billion in funding from investors such as Accel Partners and Tiger Global.


Ola is a ride-hailing platform that has raised over $5 billion in funding from investors such as Softbank, Tencent, and Sequoia Capital. The company is now valued at over $6.6 billion.


Startup funding in India has seen a significant surge in recent years, with several successful startups raising large sums of money. While there are various avenues available for funding, it is essential for startups to identify the right investors who share their vision and can provide value beyond just funding. With the government’s continued support and the emergence of new investment opportunities, the future looks bright for Indian startups

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