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VOSMOS debuts Metaverse & virtual experiences technology at CES 2023, Las Vegas

VOSMOS, a tech start-up headquartered in Singapore, today announced the debut of their Metaverse and virtual experiences technology at CES 2023, being held at Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2023. VOSMOS is a part of Kestone Integrated Marketing Services and promoted by CL Educate, the parent company of Career Launcher. VOSMOS (from 'virtual' and 'cosmos') aims to build virtual worlds that are simplified, connected and immersive.

These worlds will be self-sufficient, unified, and constantly evolving to suit the mindset of the occupants of the Virtual Cosmos. VOSMOS has 3 distinct products under the brand – Metaverse, virtual events and customized technology solutions. The brand belief is to make technology accessible to all and make it a means of growth and expansion whilst creating immersive experiences.

Piyush Gupta, CEO, VOSMOS

Piyush Gupta, CEO, VOSMOS says: "It is a proud moment for the VOSMOS team to be at CES 2023. VOSMOS is a virtual world that is built on the tenets of technology to give immersive and engaging experiences to our clients and their customers. Our products will give businesses the opportunity to connect with their target audience globally at a cost that cannot be imagined in the physical world.

Our Virtual events platform today has become a must-have in the marketing kit for all leading marketers. It gives businesses the flexibility to design intelligent, beautiful, and agile events for anyone anywhere. The Metaverse is gaining momentum with brands that are already in the virtual cosmos of VOSMOS. They have witnessed early success as the VOSMOS Metaverse is becoming the vehicle to build customer loyalty and business growth across geographies. Our near-future plans include giving users more freedom on how they want their space in the Metaverse to be."

Piyush Gupta further adds: "Our products are AI enabled and can be customized to the vision of the client. Our technology services under VOSMOS are an extension of innovation where we work with the wish list of the client and create immersive, scalable and unique experiences. The pandemic revealed the real meaning of pivot. Transformation has happened at a scale never imagined before and technology has redefined innovation today.

We at VOSMOS provide sustainable, agile, customer-centric immersive solutions with data and technology at the core of it all."

At CES 2023, VOSMOS is at Booth 55735, Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, Venetian Ballroom and Meeting Rooms. Visitors to VOSMOS booth would be able to view and experience the Metaverse of VOSMOS and immersive virtual events, webinars and other customizable technology solutions.

VOSMOS is a young team of technology and marketing technology experts who are bringing virtual experiences into the lives of people. The idea is to be inclusive and enable every person with a smartphone access to VOSMOS. From education to business to art, VOSMOS is making it easy for everyone to remain connected in the virtual world.


VOSMOS is headquartered in Singapore with presence across USA, EMEA, APAC and India. It is a part of Kestone Integrated Marketing Services and promoted by CL Educate, the parent company of Career Launcher. VOSMOS addresses the ever-changing mindset of customers in the Metaverse virtual reality. It empowers businesses to rethink reality and reimagine business with immersive solutions that are easy to use and scale. VOSMOS is creating digital transformation in the consumer space. VOSMOS offerings include Metaverse, customizable technology services, virtual events, and webinars. Know more about VOSMOS here –

Source: PR Newswire

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