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WEneurs Forum successfully completes Demo Day for Start Ups

WEneurs Forum, a not for profit entity that supports and promotes entrepreneurship among aspiring women, just concluded a successful seedling program culminating in a Demo day where in selected Start Ups pitched their ideas before a group of Investors for possible funding. WEneurs Forum is on a mission to make impactful interventions in the Women Start Up entrepreneurship space at a magnitude that has never been witnessed.

With a vision that has evolved over years of practical on-field experience of its founders, WEneurs Forum, with an objective to help its incubated Start Ups attain a pride of place and celebrate their efforts, struggle, pain and success evolving in to social, economic, and financial achievements, conducted a well curated “Seedling Program”. The last day of the program was conducted as a Demo Day where in carefully selected 6 Start Ups pitched before a panel of Investors for possible capital infusion in their businesses.

The Demo Day saw enthusiastic participation from 9 investors and Start Up mentors in the panel. With a varied domain expertise and years of experience, the Investors keenly observed, heard and provided inputs to the finalists. The esteemed panellists who joined the final Demo day pitch were as under.

• Jyoti Rai (Business Leader, Angel Investor)

• Varada Ranjan Krishna (Global serial Techprenuer, Mentor & Investor)

• Amita Dahiya (Co-Founder of Shefam, Chevening Fellow Oxford)

• Ayaskanta Mohanty (MD, Tatwa Technologies Limited)

• Reshma Javeri (Senior Associate, Venture Catalysts)

• Karon Shaiva (Chief Impact Officer, IDOBRO)

• Shashank Randev (Founder VC 100X)

• Stanley (Director, TiE Delhi-NCR)

• Ridhi Vyas Shah (Angel Investor)

The 6 finalists who finally were selected through idea-pitching sessions before the impact investors panel and dedicated mentor pool were as under.

• Duosis Bio-Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (Dr. Ruby Gupta)

• Dhanvantri Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. (Ms. Shruthi Babu)

• BabyCue Pvt. Ltd. (Ms. Sweety Kaur)

• Solar Infra (Ms. Saikrishna Mohanty)

• YumDrinks (Ms. Namrata Yantrapragada)

• Mosh & Daughters Greenfields Pvt. Ltd. (Ms. Maushumi Thakurta)

Seedling Program

This unique program specially designed and curated by WEneurs Forum exclusively for Women Start Ups comprised of 28 Women entrepreneurs out of which 24 were exclusively owned by Women. The program consisted of exclusive master classes by renowned experts (both national and international) that provided deep insights and helped redefine vision of the cohort members.

Some of the masters who handled the master class sessions were:

• Dr. Vadim Kotelnikov (Founder, Innompic Games)

• Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar (Founder, Wise Owl Consulting)

• Jyoti Vaddi (Head of Marketing at

• Piyush Verma (Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder Manush Labs)

• Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar (Author & Design Thinking Coach)

• Arka Dutta (Legal Associate, Desai & Diwanji Law Firm)

• Yaseen Shareef Shaik (Director, FundEnable & Fortemagna Advisor Pvt Ltd)

The Seedling Program and Demo day received support from several organisations that collaborated with WEneurs Forum to make the initiatives a huge success.

Founded in 2021, WEneurs Forum has been instrumental in providing the launchpad for women entrepreneurs as well as connecting them with the market/industry which helped them to grow. In addition to supporting women entrepreneurs, WEneurs Forum is also committed to the creation of a more inclusive start-up ecosystem in India. It trusts diversity and believes that the same can be leveraged for innovation and economic growth. The Company is working tirelessly to ensure that women have a seat at the decision making table in this male-dominated society. Dr. Manisha Acharya, the Founder Director & CEO of WEneurs Frum says, “Success requires no apologies and failures permit no alibis” says the founder and CEO Dr. Manisha Acharya. She adds, “we believe that we can harness the unique magnitude of women Start Ups irrespective of the niche they operate in which will play an indispensable role in this ever-transitioning economy.

Source: Businesswire India

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