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GRANT ALERT :- Applications Invited for Global Disability Summit Grant

The Global Disability Summit (GDS) is a unique global mechanism that improves the lives of persons with disabilities worldwide. It was created in 2017 to convene global stakeholders that share the same goal and vision for disability inclusive development.

The first Global Disability SummitwasheldinLondonin2018, and was a historic event for disability inclusion. It was co-hosted by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (now FCDO), the Government of Kenya, and the International Disability Alliance (IDA), which is the permanent co-host of the GDS, gathering unprecedented attention from leaders and decision-makers.

A second Global Disability Summit was held in February 2022 with including even stronger participation from high-level representatives and increased commitments, reiterating the importance and significance of this mechanism. This second Summit was hosted by the Government of Norway, the Government of Ghana, and the International Disability Alliance.

Last date of Application :- 02 Sep 2022


The GDS catalyzes commitments for change in communities across the globe. The Commitments are the heart of the Summits as they provide an opportunity for a multitude of stakeholders to come together to share experiences, ideas and aspiration for development and humanitarian work inclusive of people with disabilities.

The next Global Disability Summit will be held in 2025 (GDS2025), being hosted by the Governments of Germany and Jordan, with the International Disability Alliance. It is crucial for the GDS mechanism that the momentum generated at each Summit continues in the periods between Summits and that civil society is actively involved.

The IDA GDS granting program is part of this strategy and will support local and national initiatives from OPDs contributing to the GDS and the commitment for change (“the IDA grants”).

Interventions :-

As part of the GDS mechanism, this Call for Proposals (CFP) envisages the launch of actions and initiatives to strengthen the GDS mechanism at the national and regional levels and support the GDS cycles. These actions and initiatives may be related to:

  • Advocacy efforts to promote and disseminate GDS2018 and GDS2022 co