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GRANT ALERT :- Implementing partner for programmed on women’s access to education and livelihoods

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

UN Women is a United Nations agency dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment. UN Women was founded to accelerate progress in fulfilling the needs of women and girls all across the world. UN Women assists UN Member States in developing global standards for gender equality, and collaborates with governments and civil society to develop the laws, policies, programmers, and services necessary to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls around the world. It aims to make the Sustainable Development Goals vision a reality for women and girls around the world, and it supports women's equal involvement in all parts of life.

Last date of application :-

17 June 2022

Purpose :-

UN Women is looking for a civil society organization (hereinafter referred to as the proponent organization) to work with HIV and AIDS-affected, infected, and vulnerable women and girls, as well as their community-based organizations, to improve their access to formal education, employability skills, and entrepreneurship opportunities. UN Women is seeking assistance from civil society organizations to carry out the activities that UN AIDS and UN Women have jointly planned for the years 2022-2023. Connect 200 women from low-income families in Thane and Mumbai to formal education (admission in classes 10 and/or 12) through the open schooling system (State and/or National). To ensure that 200 women enrolled in formal education in Thane and Mumbai pass their exams, provide scholastic support (tuition, TMA filing, and examination). The Proponent Organization may collaborate with an existing UN Women SCE implementing partner in Maharashtra, leveraging a mobilized base of women and girls as well as existing partnerships. The organization should have expertise working with HIV and AIDS-affected and infected women and girls, as well as vulnerable families, on education and skill development.

Interventions :-

In coordination with UN Women, UN AIDS, and UNICEF, conduct HIV prevention and response campaigns in the targeted geographies in Thane and Mumbai with communities, community leaders, women, and young women to identify harmful norms, difficulties, and stigma. Establish networks in Thane and Mumbai to connect with women's organizations, youth groups, the LGBTI community, and local service providers for HIV awareness, prevention, and response. Advocate for and encourage relevant government stakeholders (Ministry of Education, MSDE, and NIOS) to coordinate and collaborate to solve education, job, and entrepreneurship hurdles encountered by HIV-positive women and young women. Provide 100 women and young women with employability skills and job placement opportunities in Thane and Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria for NGOS :-

  • Qualified parties are invited to submit technical and financial proposals to deliver services in support of UN Women's Implementing Partner requirements.

  • Civil Society Organization are invited to submit proposals to UN Women (CSOs).

  • Women's groups and organizations are strongly urged to apply. Section 1–c)"

  • UN Women Terms of Reference" of the CFP contains a description of the services requested. UN Women reserves the right to cancel services in part or in full at any time.

Organizational :

  • Five years of experience working with HIV/AIDS-affected, infected, and vulnerable women and girls on issues of women's empowerment and livelihood;

  • Demonstrated experience designing, conducting, and monitoring trainings/capacity-building workshops on vocational training/livelihood women's initiatives.

  • In Maharashtra, knowledge of the structure and operation of the vocational training system is desirable, as is an understanding of the local context and functional competency in the local languages.

  • Demonstrated advocacy experience with the government and other important stakeholders;

  • Ability to efficiently deliver large-scale mobilization and training programmers within a set timeframe;

  • Documenting, assessing the change in learning outcomes through Monitoring & Evaluation instruments

Team Lead Qualifications:

  • ‌A master's degree in social sciences or international development is required.

  • ‌Minimum of fifteen years of experience working in international development, as well as knowledge and experience with the United Nations;

  • ‌Experience in implementing skilling and livelihood programmers for women and girls;

  • ‌Solid understanding of human rights-based approaches to HIV programming;

  • ‌Excellent communication and analytical skills;

  • ‌Excellent report writing skills in English were demonstrated;

Team Members' Qualifications:

  • ‌A master's degree in social sciences, international development, or a related discipline is required.

  • ‌At least ten years' experience in development (for mid-level consultants) and five years' experience (for junior consultants), with a focus on gender, social development, and women's rights.

  • ‌Significant expertise and experience working on social and economic empowerment with girls and women from HIV-affected, infected, and vulnerable families;

  • ‌Recent experience with gender equality challenges and expertise of gender equality mainstreaming in policies, programming, and development;

  • ‌Experiential learning in India, particularly Maharashtra;

  • ‌Excellent communication and analytical skills;

  • ‌Demonstrated writing skills in English, as well as a solid command of Hindi

How to Apply to :

  • ‌By the date and time specified in this document, technical and financial proposals should be provided in separate emails or separate email attachments with the CFP reference and a clear description of the proposal (technical or financial).

  • ‌UN Women will not be responsible for the misplacement or premature opening of proposals submitted if the emails and email attachments are not marked as instructed.

  • ‌The name and address of the proponent, as well as a description of the proposal, should be included in the email text bodies for each of the technical and financial proposals (technical or financial).

  • ‌The technical email should not include any pricing information, and the financial email should not include any technical proposal components.

UNW/AP/IND30/2022-name) 009-(proponent's - TECHNICAL PROPOSAL

‌Financial proposals should be sent in one (1) email with the following email subject line and associated email attachment:

‌FINANCIAL PROPOSAL - CFP No.UNW/AP/IND30/2022-009-(name of proponent)

‌All proposals should be emailed to, which is a secure email address.

‌For furthermore Information CLICK HERE.

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