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GRANT ALERT :- MMF-PARI Fellowships 2022 - 2023 | Mrinalini Mukherjee Foundation (MMF)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

MMF-PARI Fellowships 2022-2023 are being offered by the Mrinalini Mukherjee Foundation (MMF) in partnership with the Peoples' Archive of Rural India (PARI). Three projects will be supported by the MMF-PARI Fellowships 2022-2023, and the fellows' projects will be publicized on the PARI website ( for a year.

Last date of application:-

15 June 2022


  • This funding will be awarded to a project that focuses on Arts & Crafts from Rural India. The project can focus on one or more of the following, taking inspiration from PARI's stories on "Things we produce," which look at the work of artists, artisans, and craftspeople:

  • Traditions of living arts and crafts

  • Artisanal communities' social and cultural surroundings

  • In today's world, the language of arts and crafts is changing.

  • The impact of technology on craftsmen' lives and practices

  • Forums for public participation in the arts (festivals, rituals and ceremonies)

  • Collaborations and material innovations


The fellow will submit 8 to 10 multi-media tales as a result of the project, which will be published on PARI. Grant Amount: A fellowship grant of Rs 200,000 will be paid in Rs 25,000 increments over the course of a year from the start of the project.

Eligibility Criteria for NGOS:-

Only Indian nationals over the age of 18 are eligible for these fellowships.

For further details :-

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