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GRANT ALERT :- Rainbow Dialogues: All In This Together

The diplomatic representation of the United States of America in the Republic of India is the American Embassy in New Delhi. The U.S. is in charge of the Embassy. representative to India. The embassy complex is located in Chanakyapuri, the diplomatic district of New Delhi where the majority of the embassies are housed, on a 28-acre tract of ground.

Last date of Application :-

31 July 2022

Purpose :-

With the help of this funding opportunity, the American Center will introduce lessons from a successful model to six major cities in the consular district—three in the northeastern states and three in the Hindi-speaking sectors of Bihar and Jharkhand—in order to connect with new partners and supporters who are essential to giving gender and sexual minorities acceptance and access to the economy. In order to engage a new audience of university leaders, medical professionals, the government and private sectors, programming will highlight the historical and cultural roots of gender diversity in South Asia as well as the accomplishments, challenges, and journeys of individuals and their family members.

Interventions :-

The "Rainbow Dialogues: All in This Together" project will organize targeted engagements in six significant second-tier cities throughout the consular district to establish settings where members of the gender minority community can be "seen, accepted, and supported" by forging new alliances and partnerships. In order to address attitudes and behavior's, the project will link the community with a larger audience of young leaders, educators, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, international firms, and other associated professional sectors. Reducing discrimination, fostering understanding and acceptance, and advocating for employment opportunities for gender and sexual minority communities will be three key outcomes of the ongoing discussions and workshops. These outcomes will be evaluated through pre- and post-surveys with a chosen audience sample, as well as follow-up commitments from partner institutions and organization's. This can be done through a variety of platforms and resources, such as storytelling sessions, campus discussions, social media campaigns, meet ups, training sessions, and publicity campaigns supported by print and digital media. In order to raise awareness, disseminate information, and rally support in public settings like educational institutions and corporate environments, we advise leveraging non-threatening environments of art, culture, and personal anecdotes as host interfaces.

Eligibility Criteria for NGOS :-

  • Others (see text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility" for clarification)

Additional eligibility details :-

  • Non-profit institutions

  • Non-governmental groups and civil society

  • A think tank

  • Institutions of higher learning, both public and private Individuals

  • Governmental agencies and public international organizations

For further details CLICK HERE

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