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GRANT ALERT :- The 2022 Children's Prize application process is now open!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The Children's Award Foundation was founded with an independent spirit and a straightforward but lofty mission: to improve child health and survival by requiring impact and data-driven rigor, while paving the road for a contemporary charitable prize movement. Every solution starts with an issue. Our issue is from the concern that spending money may not be directly resolving the issue that it is intended to. This is not a singular incident; rather, it is a reflection of the growing public apprehension towards the philanthropic industry as a whole.

Last date of Application :-

15 July 2022

Purpose :-

The Children's Award Foundation was established with a pioneering attitude and a straightforward but lofty mission: to promote child health and survival by requiring impact and data-driven rigor, while paving the path for a contemporary charitable prize movement. The problem always comes before the answer. Our issue stems from a skepticism that spending money will actually accomplish the goal for which it is intended. This incident is not unique; rather, it reflects a growing public apprehension about the philanthropic industry as a whole. The Children's Prize was therefore established as a substitute. We formulate ideas using scientific methods, then work in productive collaborations to implement them. We think of our job as compassionate science. We emphasize that every child under the age of five counts by implementing stringent process accountability measures and evaluations. We think that every child deserves a chance at life and improved health. The foundation is able to choose high quality projects that are most in line with our criteria and goals by operating outside of traditional philanthropy channels, managing a global competition, putting together a diverse team of expert advisors, and directly engaging with practitioners on the ground saving lives. We look for people who, in their own particular way, oppose the current quo and refuse to accept that mothers and children lose their lives every day due to preventable reasons.

Interventions :-

The Children's Prize is given to those with a strong dedication to evaluating the effects of their work and a scientific mindset who are passionate about improving the health of children around the world. Across $2,000,000.00 has been given as part of the Prize between 2013 and 2021 to such people and organizations all over the world. In order to improve the design and more precisely assess the impact of infant mortality on a Prize centered on facts and scientific proof, two projects were chosen as case studies in 2014. We were better able to comprehend what adjustments needed to be done in terms of data collecting and analysis, as well as how the Prize could be improved to best meet those objectives, thanks to these case studies that acted as actual-world scenarios. The Children's Prize is a project of the US-based 501c3 private not-for-profit foundation The Children's Prize Foundation. In 2019, there were 5.2 million child fatalities worldwide who were under the age of five.

Eligibility Criteria for the NGOs :-

Anyone can compete for the Children's Prize. Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, academic institutions, and people who are 18 years of age or older may submit proposals. However, as stated in the contest's objectives, the prize money may only be utilized for humanitarian endeavors. We are the group responsible for the Children's Prize Foundation's activities. We bring to the table a special fusion of fascinating personalities, backgrounds, and skills. We take pleasure in our work and are appreciative of the chance to do work that is profoundly meaningful and life-changing. We are constantly trying to connect with people who have interests similar to our own. In order to more effectively realize our joint impact, we provide internship opportunities and look for reliable collaborations. Email us at if it describes you.

For further details CLICK HERE.

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