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Individual Medical grants an Initiative by Tata Trusts

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The cost of health care in the country is a deterrent for many, and for those hailing from economically weak backgrounds, it is almost beyond reach, especially if the treatment warrants hospitalisation, surgery or expensive treatments.

Health insurance often does not cover heart ailments, cochlear implants and kidney diseases. Moreover, even for the conditions that they do cover, several insurers have set a ceiling on the expenses related to patient bed charges, cost of surgery, doctor’s fees, and this may not cover the entire cost of the treatment.

For most families, a medical emergency can drain their financial, mental and physical strengths, leaving them helpless and despondent. Often, families push themselves into debt by borrowing money.

To address these challenges, the Tata Trusts have been extending medical grants in Mumbai to individual needy patients requiring specific medical treatment. After due scrutiny and a socio-economic assessment of the family, the Trusts disburse grants based on the funds available. The Trusts liaise with like-minded philanthropic organisations and government bodies in order to maximise the quantum of grant to each beneficiary.

In order to expand the reach of the Medical Grants programme, the Trusts are building a growing network of linked hospitals across the country where patients can avail treatment at concessional rates with the support of medical professionals and social workers at various prominent government, municipal, private and charitable hospitals. These linked hospitals receive requests from outstation patients, conduct basic checks and forward patient details and forms to the Trusts for approval. They also provide information on the utilisation of the grants disbursed by the Trusts for the patient’s treatment.

An example of how the network functions is the ‘Raksha Camp’— a partnership with the SRCC Narayana Hospital, Mumbai, to support the treatment costs of 500 children from underprivileged backgrounds suffering from various illnesses and in need of immediate surgical or interventional procedures.

All new linkages established by the Trusts are valid for a specific time period, post which a review is undertaken to decide on further action. Currently, the network consists of a little over 40 such hospitals linked under this initiative, and over 2,800 patients have so far benefited from these grants.

To apply for Individual Medical grants, please download and fill the form. The forms are to be submitted during office hours (9.30 am to 5.30 pm) Monday to Friday. Please note that forms should be submitted in person by the patient or an immediate family member of the patient only, and not through email or post.

To submit the form, please visit Trusts’ office at 3rd floor, Mulla House, 51, MG Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001

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