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MAEF Grant-in-Aid Scheme

This scheme is intended to strengthen infrastructure of educational institution catering to the needs of minorities. Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided to the Societies/Trusts/NGOs for various purposes enabling them to enhance their capabilities of improving educational institutions managed by them. The MAEF is implementing this scheme in all parts of the country, which has shown visible impacts on educational development of minorities. Recently, the ceiling limits of Grants-in-aid for various purposes under this scheme have been revised upward keeping in view the increasing cost of construction over a period of time.

Objective of Scheme

  • To provide basic educational infrastructure and facilities in the area of concentration of educationally backward minorities which do not have adequate provision for elementary, secondary schools and Sr. Sec. Schools / Jr. Colleges / Professional & Vocational Training Institutes.

Purpose of Scheme

  • Financial assistance for construction/expansion of Schools working for the educationally backward minorities.

  • Financial assistance for purchase of Science/Computer lab equipment’s/furniture for the Institutions working for the educationally backward minorities.

  • Financial assistance for purchase of equipment’s / construction / Expansion of Vocational Training Centre/ITI/Polytechnic working for the educationally backward minorities.

  • Financial assistance for construction of Hostel building in the institutions working for the educationally backward minorities.

  • Financial assistance construction/Expansion of D .Ed/B .Ed. College working for the educationally backward minorities.

  • Financial assistance for construction of Toilets in the Schools assisted by MAEF.

Eligibility criteria For Grant

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should be registered under the Societies Registration Act/Indian Trust Act for the last three years.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should be registered on NGO-DARPAN of NITI Aayog portal.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) must be having properly constituted Managing Committee with its powers clearly defined in its bye-laws.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) must be having proper audit reports with Balance Sheet, Receipt-Payment & Income-Expenditure statements reflecting educational activities carried out for last three years.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should be in a position to receive involvement of knowledgeable persons for furtherance of their programmes on voluntary basis.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should not be run for the profit of any individual or a body of individuals/ family and it should not be controlled by any individual or a body of individuals/ family . The members from one family should not be more than 50% in the Managing Committee. The NGO will have to attach an affidavit on Rs.100/- stamp paper that the members belonging to the one family are less than 50%.

  • The institutions for whose construction/ expansion the assistance is required should be in existence and recognized/ affiliated to the concerned State/ Central Board/Council/ University.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should promote communal harmony and social unity.

  • More than 25% of the beneficiary students in the Institutions for whose expansion/ strengthen assistance is sought should be belonging to educationally backward minorities/target group.

  • For seeking assistance for construction of hostel building, it is necessary that the Institution for which the hostel is required should be recognized at least up to 12th standard and 10th standard for North-Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) must be having at least 500 sq. yard land (in urban/ semi-urban areas) or at least half acre land (in rural areas) in its name or on lease for not less than 30 years for the proposed project or as per the criteria laid down by recognizing/ affiliating body of respective State/ Central Board/ Council / University.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) should be ready to invest at least 15%of the total cost of project as NGO's share on the project.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) will not take loan on the building constructed/being constructed with MAEF assistance. However, if it becomes necessary, then prior permission of the Foundation for the same will be necessary.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) will have to inform about the funds received under FCRA,if any, or funds likely to be received under FCRA.

  • Institutions running as Study/ Examination Centers of NCPUL, NIOS, MANNU etc. are not entitled for getting grants from MAEF.

  • Madrasa's which are registered, recognized or reputed are eligible for receiving grant in aid for the construction of Toilet Blocks only.

Guidelines for submission of proposal

  • Society/Trust (NGO) seeking assistance under the Scheme shall apply for the purposes specified on the prescribed proforma given at Annexure-I to VII.

  • Backward areas, particularly areas that are educationally backward should receive appropriate attention/priority.

  • Assistance to an individual unit should not exceed Rs.50 lakh. For details and ceiling limit see Annexure-A.

  • NGO will display board on the building constructed with the support of MAEF clearly stating "Funded by MAEF, under the aegis of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India" on the building constructed.

  • The scheme may be revised as and when required and no claim will be entertained from any organization/Institutions for consideration as permanent beneficiary.

  • The applications shall be submitted online to MAEF from May 1st to 30th September every year with complete documents. Applications received after 30th September will be considered only after processing of the applications received within due date. The incomplete proposals will not be accepted, and the same will be returned back pointing out the deficiency. Revised complete application will be treated as fresh application.

  • The checklist available at Annexure-I should be filled carefully and the page numbers of each document should be mentioned properly. No column should be left blank. Each page must be signed.

  • Only one proposal will be entertained at a time.

  • Each document/enclosure attached to the application must be certified / attested by Society/ Trust (NGO) Official or Notary Public.

  • In case of application For Girls/Boys Hostel building, a note justifying the need of Hostel building in the Institution should be submitted separately. However while considering the proposals for constructions of Hostel buildings, preference will be given to the Institution, which are already running hostels.

  • Three postcard size photographs / Video / CD, from different angles of the existing School / College / Institute building must be attached to the proposal.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) must include separate Toilet block for girls/boys, as the case may be, in the site plan of the project proposal.

  • The assisted Society/Trust (NGO) will also submit the soft copies in form of Video/CDs of various stages of construction along with photographs.

  • Society/Trust (NGO) will furnish the details of foreign funding with FCRA registration number, if any, in their application.

  • The applicant Society/Trust (NGO) will furnish UC of any grant received earlier with MAEF/ CWC or any other Government agencies.

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